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there are numerous associations, affiliations, clubs, and groups for women to support one another. these days, men also face a variety of challenges specific to their gender. from our diminishing role as providers to our rapidly diminishing testosterone levels due to environmental and psychological stresses. it is our belief that men deserve representation. as an individual, though, a male must uphold a level of grace, competence, and character to be counted among the “men.” consider Abraham Lincoln. he was faced with many hard decisions, but through strength of character, intelligence, and control of his ego he was able to navigate the Civil War and the beginning of reconstruction before he was assassinated for his success.

Abraham Lincoln

as an Exceptional Male, you commit to:

if these qualities ring true for you, then this site is for you to explore your world more deeply and wring every drop of life out of your time. if you’re not sure, then stay tuned. we’ll explore these characteristics together. maybe our explorations will open up new ideas and possibilities for you. if this all sounds stupid to you, or you just can’t see yourself living this way, then go back to your frat house or parent’s basement or wherever you dwell and shotgun another pabst. you’re not wanted here.

The Exceptional Male (TEM) is a MEN’S Lifestyle Guide like no other.

we cover diverse areas of interest to men everywhere, helping you to live the ultimate life. unlike many men’s magazines and websites, we give you the full story. we go in-depth, so you will know what you need to know to make great decisions and enjoy your life to the fullest.

we all want the best possible experience in life

who has the time to be an expert at everything? TEM is your go-to for the answers men need. whether you’re trying to figure out what the hell she wants from you or you’re trying to make the best possible diet choices, or you just want a great phone, we are here to guide you.

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TEM is your unbiased, no-bullshit, trustworthy source for answers. we do the research, consult with the experts, dig deep, and get you the information you need to excel in every situation and to live the ultimate life, the life of an Exceptional Male.

there are no better guides to what our content should be than our readers. have a question? curious about a topic? drop us a line using the contact form and we will find answers.


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